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Cancer is class of diseases which feature uncontrolled growth of abnormal human cells. These cancer cells may collect into a tumor or spread throughout the body. Cancer is a complex disease and the causes are various. The causes of some cancers are still unknown. The study of cancer is divided into research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. [more]
The world is a complex ecosystem. Often changes in an environment can threaten the survival of native plant and animals. Endangered plants and animals are the organisms which are at risk of becoming extinct. The international union for conservation of nature has calculated that nearly 40 percent of all organisms may be endangered to some degree. [more]
Why not work to make the world a happier place? What impact would it have if everyone on earth were just a little happier? Would we see a drop in violence or human suffering? It may be impossible to know. But perhaps we can expect more more smiles. This goal will strive to support the organizations that are making the world a happier place. [more]
Early educational and psychological support has been shown to be critical for childhood brain development. Research suggests that it lays the foundation for subsequent skills and aptitudes for learning. Parents and educators work together to teach the child, often enabling learning through play. [more]
Water is an essential part of life. For many billions of people though, clean water is a too rare a commodity. In so many places, the use of contaminated water for drinking or food preparation causes the proliferation of water borne diseases and related diseases. Clean water is defined as water that is pure enough to drink without immediate or long term risk to health. [more]

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